Archbell Capital tailors bridge loan solutions for sophisticated CRE borrowers seeking higher leverage debt financing to execute their business plan and achieve their return objectives.

Loan Size

$10-$100 million


Loan TypeS

First Mortgage and Mezzanine Loan Structures


Western United States primary focus; national reach


CRE Product Types

Office, industrial, multi-family, retail, mixed use, hospitality, self-storage

Loan Term

2 to 5 years


Loan to Value / Loan to Cost

Up to 85%+ LTV/LTC

DSCR Requirements

Initial DSCR’s below 1.0x addressed with interest reserves customized for borrower business plan


Interest Rates / Coupons

LIBOR plus low 300's and up (first mortgage)

Loan Fees

Typically 1% of the loan amount up-front and TBD at exit


Prepayment Flexibility

Structured for borrower business plan


Non-recourse with standard carve-outs



Interest only for most transactions